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Aroma Products
We are the corporate dealers of IRIS brand of Aromatic Products for West Bengal, manufactured by Ripple Fragrances Private Limited, IRIS – The brand that harnesses the power of aromacology involving your senses and setting your mind, body and soul free. Aesthetically designed IRIS products not only fills the air with its fragrance, but also enhances the beauty of the place too.

Our IRIS range of air care solutions create a sense of well-being through the power of aroma which works wonders on every lungful of air that you breathe in. Solutions that show we care for you - our customer, and therefore we take no chances with quality nor do we compromise with the purity of the ingredients that goes into each of our creations which is also why we go a step ahead, making you our fragrance partner, inviting you to choose the fragrance you want and to come up with a personally customized creation. Fragrance matters... and when it comes from Ripple Fragrances, it wins the hearts & minds of even the most fastidious customers. We have our presence in hotels, hospitals, offices and residence in West Bengal , Orissa , Bihar and Meghalaya .

Our Presence: The hotels that we are servicing include ITC Sonar Bangla, Hyatt Regency, Novotel, Sonotel, Monotel ,Taj Gateway, Hotel Hindusthan International, The New Kenilworth, The Park, Swissotel, Vedic Village and Resorts, Merlin Ibiza, etc. to name a few.

Our corporate clients include Tata Group, Microsec Financials, Nestle India , Acclaris, NIS Hospitality , Ambuja Neotia, Wills Lifestyle, Moustache, Plant Engineers etc. to name a few. Jewellers include Tanishq, A-Sirkar, Mahamaya Jewellers, Rupashree, Ruudra Sakshi, Saha Alankar, Asmita Jewellers etc. to name a few.

Opticals showroom includes Lawrence and Mayo, Optical Trends, Rolex, Himalaya Opticals etc. Retailers include Green Vision, Metropolis Mall, Ganesh Stores, Jaishree Stores, Shubhechcha etc. We are also present in some hospitals like N G Medicare, Divine Nursing Home and Fortis to name a few . Our aromatic oils like Citronella and Lemongrass have insect repelling property so are of good use in hospitals to prevent germs and infections caused by them.

Our air care solutions include Reed Diffusers, Vapourisers, Potpourri, Wardrobe Sachets, Speciality Incense , Wellness Oil, Aromatic candles etc.

Reed Diffusers are fashioned from tall, stiff grasses that are porous and excellent for diffusion .They work on the principles of capillary action. When reeds are partially immersed in a container of essential oils, fragrance oil travels up the reeds and gently permeates into the room by diffusion. A 24 hours aromatic experience with no fire, no ash and truly maintenance free.

Vapourisers work on the principle of vaporization. The oil is heated using a tea light candle or electricity and The oil disperses in the atmosphere as vapours and creates a festive and fragranted atmosphere. Our range of aromatic and non fragranted candles are made with imported wax and wick which makes them Dripless, sootless and smokeless.